About Holly

Holly is an experienced leader that is fighting to address the social and economic challenges that impact the everyday lives of Los Angeles residents. For the past nine years, Holly has represented Los Angeles in the State Legislature, where she currently serves as State Senator for California’s 30th Senate District. Before that she represented the 54th Assembly district.

Holly is one of the most effective representatives for Los Angeles, having worked to pass nearly 70 bills in the legislature to protect and advance California’s values. Her work in Sacramento provides real solutions for the nearly one million Angelenos she serves and has been recognized by many, including the Los Angeles Times, who has called Holly “the legislature’s moral compass.”

Some of Holly’s proudest accomplishments include the #EqualityandJustice package of criminal justice reform bills, transitional housing placement for foster youth to help prevent youth homelessness and extended access to mental health care services for our most vulnerable residents.

As chair of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review committee, Holly has overseen the passage and adoption of the last two state budgets, each nearly $200 Billion. Holly fought to ensure funding was directed to those who needed it most, including: elementary and college students, health-care systems, childcare services and long-neglected programs to assist infants, the elderly and working families.

Where there is injustice Holly speaks up and fights. She does not stay on the sidelines when atrocities demand action. That’s why in response to the #MeToo movement she became the vice chair of the new Joint Legislative Subcommittee on Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response.

Holly is proud to be a mother, a third generation Angeleno and to have amassed three decades of experience working with communities and leaders in Los Angeles to remove barriers so that all of its residents can thrive.

She understands that we are facing a pivotal time in our nation’s history that calls for Los Angeles and California to lead by example and to stand up for our nation’s moral compass. As Supervisor, Holly will meet this demand by fighting for the diverse values and people of Los Angeles County.

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July 3, 2020
Today is National CROWN Day! On July 3, 2019, California became the first state to sign The CROWN Act into law! I am proud to have authored this anti-discrimination law in CA and continued to be inspired by the coalition of activists & leaders working to #PasstheCROWN
May 26, 2020
We must act for you and for whom no camera was present. #GeorgeFloyd
May 14, 2020
Proud to have the support of the resident physicians and medical professionals of @cirseiu who are on the frontlines of this crisis and serve in many of LA County's public health centers. Thank you for your service!